Brow Lift Procedure

Brow lift procedure:

Brow lift are divided into ‘open’ and ‘closed’ types. Each type has specific indications for its use and many variations on how they should be performed have been described. A less common indication is in the treatment of an excessively long appearing forehead due to a high hairline. The internal steps are essentially the same regardless of the type of operation selected, open or closed.

Closed, or endoscopic, brow lifting uses telescopes to access the forehead from small incisions in the scalp. It is best for those people who have a normal (or short) forehead length and for males with a family history of male pattern baldness. Minimal to no scalp tissue is removed.

In an open type or traditional, brow lifting uses a longer cut in the scalp or at the hairline and removes some scalp or forehead tissue. It is particularly good for patients with "high" foreheads.

Brow lift can also be done with an endoscope using "smallest" enveloping surgery.
Temporal brow lift procedure is for those patients who find wrinkles at the corners of the eye (crow’s feet) as lifting the temporal brow will flatten the wrinkles as the skin and muscle are placed on stretch during the elevation.
Internal Brow Lift procedure is used to remove the unwanted excessive upper eyelid skin.

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  1. One should know what type of Brow lifting they are going to undergo and it depends on their foreheads. A little bit funny but its true in order to best suit your appearance after the operation.


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